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Do During a Full Moon. As Mars moves into Cancer for six weeks, it also moves into the domestic zones in your chart—get ready for a big focus on updating and maintaining your home.

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See your full Aries weekly horoscope. See your full Taurus weekly horoscope. Your spiritual side is highlighted in your chart, making you feel very reflective these days. So it only helps when sociable Venus enters the same zone this week.


It might be a great time to breathe in new experiences with a new group of people—which, as a convivial Gemini , should be thrilling. See your full Gemini weekly horoscope. Your social calendar is bound to be off the charts this week—with the potential for a surprise encounter.

A little romance could be heading your way this weekend, with the full moon in your leisure sector. See your full Cancer weekly horoscope. Your naturally starry Leo charm is about to come out this week as your chart highlights goals. Midweek would be a good idea to start thinking about what parts of you need emotional healing, as Mars in Cancer encourages you to hide away for a bit.

The full moon rises in your home sector and social events might get intense, so you might want to stay in. See your full Leo weekly horoscope. The key shift happening for you this week will be as Mars moves into your social zones. Is it time to reconnect with old relationships?

Their teaching is about letting go of control and allowing something bigger than ourselves to work through us. More spiritual in nature than the north node which can tend to be a little more materially inclined , south node eclipses can help to bring us back to what truly matters most. And this is the precursor to releasing our grip, trusting, moving with a flow that has bigger plans for us than that which we can construct in our minds given the stories we hold onto. Releasing control requires trust. Something bigger for us wants to be allowed. This New Moon with a Solar Eclipse can usher that in for us.

Wicca Archives - Page 3 of 19 - Traci York

There is something so vast in the vision holding that Aquarius can create. What belief, habit, relationship, job, story is keeping you from tapping into the bigger picture, the broader network, the more loving and inspired community of friends, family or love? What is blocking your ability to create or innovate? Yes, to expansion, Yes to tapping into the network of an energetic you want to cultivate more of in your life.

Place one cup of the crystal water into a one gallon watering can. Fill the rest of the can with clear water.

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Sprinkle lightly at the base of your plants. As you do so see them growing strong, tall and happy.

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I like to sing to them as I do so, but that is entirely optional. I will water them at least four times: once when they are first planted; second when they have developed their first set of leaves or second if they are a transplant ; a third time when they are about two weeks from harvest and the last time; after I have harvested the first fruits or herbs. Creating crystal water is a simple, fun and magickal way to help your garden grow. May all your plants thrive and bring you joy.

She is the founder of Triune Moon Witchcraft, an eclectic community. May you find enjoyment and nourishment from this blog and all my other endeavors. Blessed Be!

Your Weekly Horoscope: Hiding from Drama Like…

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Creating crystal water.