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The Week Ahead for Leo

  1. Mon, October 7, 12222 - Sun, October 13, 12222
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But one way or another, doing the duty of love and loving that duty is the job ahead of you. The 21st of January could well be D-Day decision day and early March and early August are other make or break times for your love life. Keep reminding yourself: no effort, no reward.

On the 6th March, Uranus, the game-changer, enters the career and life-goals area, inspiring both opportunity and change, initially for those of you with July birthdays, although ultimately for all Leos.

You may be an enterprising and courageous fire sign but your Fixed modality resists change. But resist no longer! Take that risk, become your own boss, throw up that safe job which is blocking your creativity and individuality: opens many doors for you and frees up new pathways. More important, by changing it up you will be ready for the next decade which will see many industries challenged and major global financial upsets. Consider how you can diversify and simplify your life. Clearly, not every Leo is going to start living off the land, although that idea has merit, but expecting the return of the good old spend-spend-spend days is a waste of time.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? No one becomes an expert at anything overnight; it takes time. People will love you more for it. With so many important alignments focusing on the sixth house of work and service, you can expect to be working hard; you may even have to devote yourself to a project or a person. Astrolutely Fabulous! Forecast Leo. The Week Ahead for Leo. Monday, 7 October — Sunday, 13 October. The element of surprise. The Month Ahead for Leo. October Not everything is set in stone. Actions have consequences. Think of it like a soul clearing to enhance your mood.

As an adaptable and communicative Gemini, your super-power is your ability to converse and connect. This is especially useful when it comes to wooing your new crush or smoothing over any cracks in your relationship. As a calm and protective Cancer, your love life tends to reflect your domestic and sensitive approach to life.

With Venus moving into a fellow water sign, emotions run deep. Even the most light-hearted interactions can quickly become serious. A square between the Sun and Saturn highlights your personal boundaries and limitations.

Mon, October 7, 12222 - Sun, October 13, 12222

As an ambitious Leo, you pride yourself in being a confident and extroverted sign. Be wary of romanticizing karmic ex-relationships; use this energy to redecorate your space instead! This week's planetary energies will provide some opportunities to mediate conflicts between friends or family members.

Give yourself permission to be a little daring, whether that means trying new things in the bedroom or getting hot and heavy in a public space. The Sun is shining in your sign this week, charming Libra! As you bask in the light of your Solar Return, love and luxury seem to fall into your lap. But be wary of your own resources this week. Everyone loves someone who is confident and self-assured, so rev up the charm! Venus, the planet of love, is moving into your sign. If you have a partner, this is an excellent opportunity to work through any emotional baggage between you two. The best you can do is be yourself!

As an enthusiastic and restless Sagittarius, you feel the need to spice up your love life pretty often. A secretive edge can create some dynamic tension that leads to explosive results. But be wary of breaking the rules of love. You never know if your hot fling can turn into a long-term relationship. Your sense of responsibility is clashing with your ego this week, hard-working Capricorn.


Free Leo Love Horoscopes, Leo Love HoroscopePredictions and Romantic Astrology Forecasts

A tough square between the Sun and your ruling planet, Saturn, adds some stress to your working life. Make a move and appreciate their company. As a rebellious Aquarius, you love the shock factor, especially when it comes to romance. Your ruling planet, Uranus, is being opposed by Mercury, which makes communication with both lovers and friends challenging. Take it easy, as mental fatigue will knock you off your game.

Instead of using words, express your desires through body language. Who needs to talk when you have this electric, romantic and passionate energy? Oooh, a Full Moon in your sign, Aries, what a treat! Things are bound to get a little intense as this Full Moon is paired with a passionate Venus in Scorpio and a somewhat passive Mars — your ruler — in Libra. Is it intensity or harmony you want in love, Aries, and can both exist together? Of course, they can — a sprinkle of both makes love perfectly delicious, if you learn to walk that fine line with your lover.

Your ruler, Mercury, is getting quite a bit of Astrology action this week, Gemini! What this means for you is better communication with bae, as simple as that! With first a sextile from structured Saturn, then one from insightful Pluto, your conversations are becoming ever more serious and intense — in a good way. For those of you who are single, this is an excellent time to get online and type away — your words are pure magic, and tempered with Saturnian wisdom and Plutonian insight, people will be finding you very intriguing indeed!

And with this particular Full Moon having Astrology aspects from the intense Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your zone of relationships, you may find yourself placed in a very difficult position. This tension can be very constructive if you know where to draw the line and make a stand, and the one who loves you will respect that. Full Moons affect you too, Leo. Fortunately for you, this lunation is in compatible Aries, along with the Sun in Libra highlighting your communication and growth zone.

Love Horoscope Leo

The heavens do reflect a challenge though as your Sun receives an intense square from power hungry Pluto so be sure to keep the good behavior up — it could be all too tempting to dominate poor bae into submission and whilst it can feel good at the time, you may be left with a bit of a sour taste in your mouth after this has passed. Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username? It's the fifth sign of zodiac and is ruled by sun.

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Male Female. Monday, October 07, - Sunday, October 13, For matters related to love and romance, this week has problems and challenges in store. Your beloved can face some health problems during the course of this week. Consequently, fights can take place between the two of you. You should acknowledge the situation and try to overlook certain things if you want your relationship to thrive.

Meanwhile, wedded duos will also face a difficult time. Try to avoid getting involved in debates and arguments. Copertae with your in laws and try to maintain a healthy bond with them. By doing so, you will be able to please your spouse and bring enhancement to your relationship.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Together, you should pay more attention towards your conjugal life. Your habit of dwelling upon difficulties and magnifying them could weaken your moral fiber. Simply ignore those who approach Leo natives are generally of ambitious nature.

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